The Markets Haven’t Seen Anything Like This in 80 Years

The best way to ensure a wealthy future is to understand what happened in the past. Here’s why one former hedge fund manager says America is repeating its biggest wealth creation period ever…

By Tamara Barkhanoy, Business Manager, Bold Profits

No one views markets the way Paul Mampilly does.

And that’s what makes his newest, and possibly boldest prediction, so potentially lucrative.

Paul says a stock market supercycle is here. And it’s getting bigger.

It’s an event so rare, the market hasn’t seen anything like it in 80 years.

The proof is in the chart below.

During the two decades after the 1929 crash, the market that houses many “supercycle stocks,” as we call them, did far better than the S&P 500 Index.

Supercycle stocks are the early stage innovators who are quietly pushing our world forward.

Decade“Supercycle” Intra-Decade GainS&P 500 Intra-Decade Gain

These stocks as a whole went up 517% at their high in the 1940s alone.

Compare this to just 158% for the S&P 500.

The 80 Year Supercycle Returns

The 1940s saw Americans create new technologies that made working and living easier — the world’s first working computer, the microwave, jukebox.

Similarly, the past decades experienced an amazing infusion of new innovations.

Smartphones … video streaming … virtual reality … artificial intelligence… robotics.

In some of these areas, we’ve barely scratched the potential. But it’s clear we are entering an exponential curve.

And Paul believes the biggest winners in the stock market will be supercycle stocks — just like they were 80 years ago.

Paul Mampilly is one of the only experts explaining what could unfold.

Back in 2016, he could see it all coming, during the very start of this sypercycle. 

Some at the time were convinced a stock market crash would happen any day.

Others had all their focus on big stocks like Apple and Amazon…

But while the entire world was distracted, Paul was focusing on less obvious, but very innovative businesses … the supercycle stocks.

Those investing in Phase 1 with Paul’s research did extraordinarily well.

Now, these innovations have had time to mature and the pace is beginning to pick up.

We are entering Phase 2, where we expect to see innovators that barely anyone knows of today become household names tomorrow.

It’s an exciting time to be an investor, and even more exciting to be following Paul Mampilly’s work.

After being one of the first investors in some of the biggest technology success stories, like Google and Netflix…

And then investing millions on behalf of his wealthy Wall Street clients…

Paul has perfected the ultimate approach for making big gains during a supercycle.

Discover How Paul Has Been Targeting 1,000%+ Gains in 12 Months

He is so excited to get this information out to you, he even invited a full production crew inside of his own home so you can hear it all directly from him.

Paul is revealing the details on why Phase 1 of this supercycle was so successful for his readers.

They saw top gains of 1,111% in a year and a half with Carvana (CVNA) and 1,142% in three and a half years with Plug Power (PLUG).

When you tune in on Thursday, December 16, you will find out the one thing both of these stocks had in common, and why Paul believes it could be the key to finding the next 1,000% winner.

But make sure you arrive before the scheduled 4 p.m. EDT start time.

We’re showing stories of real people who bought into this supercycle and created wealth they didn’t think was possible. You don’t want to miss this, so arrive a few minutes early.

Paul believes what we’re about to see hasn’t occurred in the stock market in 80 years and probably won’t again for another 80.

It’s your best chance at 1,000% gains in 12 months according to Paul’s analysis.

I can’t wait to uncover this entire story with you and Paul just days from now.

Tamara Barkhanoy

Business Manager, Bold Profits


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