2022 Will Be the Biggest Year for Technology Stocks yet

My readers have had the chance to lock in 15 triple- and quadruple-digit winners on my best plays since February 2017 by simply understanding one extremely important lesson. Here it is…

By Paul Mampilly, Editor of Profits Unlimited, Bold Profits

Let me be real with you for a moment.

The 1990s was one of the greatest bull markets of all time.

You probably remember how the energy surrounding stocks felt back then.

Everyone was getting in on the action.

I watched the dot-com frenzy grow furiously up close, from the computer screens inside my Wall Street office.

Technology companies like Microsoft, Qualcomm and Cisco soared many thousands, and even tens of thousands of percent within the decade.

The entire Nasdaq Index rose almost 600% in just five years.

Almost any working person who had disposable income wanted “in” on tech stocks.

But then something happened.

The bubble burst … causing technology stocks to crash by 78%. 

This was a Great Depression-level wipeout.

It scared many investors out of the market forever and it had a devastating impact on our economy.

Many were left wondering how something so revolutionary like the internet could leave so many investors burned.

But the hard truth is, while the internet was a life-changing invention, it didn’t justify the level of money being funneled in during the top of the bubble.

Pets.com, one of the first internet pet stores, went from $14 per share to $0 during the bust.

Webvan.com was an early attempt at online grocery delivery. It lost investors $1.2 billion.

And Garden.com, a retailer for gardeners, went from over $20 a share in September of 1999 to just 9 cents in November of 2000.

It only took 14 months for the business to go bankrupt.

Investors who got burned by stocks like the ones I just mentioned bought in on stories that weren’t actually true.

Unfortunately, many of these same investors decided to avoid technology stocks altogether.

They were burned once, and they wouldn’t get burned again.

And for nearly two decades after the dot-com bust, innovation ground to a halt.

No one was interested in buying into early stage ventures during this period.

But then in 2016, I saw the signs that things were finally beginning to change.

The Supercycle Begins!

CNN said at the time that the Nasdaq was on the verge of a bear market.

MarketWatch.com was literally counting down the days to the “stock market crash of 2016.”

But I knew this was all wrong.

While 1990s dot-com boom was built on one main innovation, the internet…

This new technology boom is built on multiple world-changing breakthroughs.

Artificial intelligence is unleashing a new way for computers to think and act like never before.

Blockchain is creating a new age in cybersecurity which will make this new digital world safer and more prosperous.

Financial technology is taking power back from big banks and institutions and giving it to the consumer.

Biotechnology breakthroughs are unleashing the power of customized health care, what many call precision medicine.

New energy firms will topple the fossil fuel industry.

It’s the start of a new bull market for innovation stocks, and it will be much bigger than the dot-com era, because the new inventions being created today are truly improving lives.

I’m Showing My Favorite Approach for How I’ve Been Targeting 1,000% Gains in 12 Months

As I mentioned before, I could see in 2016 that the market landscape was changing, even at a time when many smart people were saying that stocks would crash.

I created a small group one year later who showed interest in receiving my analysis on this situation and my favorite stock recommendations to profit from it.

This was Phase 1 of the supercycle.

These readers saw 15 triple- and quadruple-digit winners get closed out on my top stocks during this period since February 2017.

Our entire model portfolio has almost four-fold the returns of the benchmark index.

And yet, the supercycle is really just beginning.

Technologies like driverless cars, artificial intelligence and blockchain are in the early “innings.”

There is much more room for an investment to grow.

I’m revealing how I predict you can profit from Phase 2 of this supercycle just days from now, on Thursday, December 16.

If you tune in, you’ll find out the one market where I believe the best chance at 1,000% gains in 12 months is.

Plus, you’ll see more evidence on why Phase 2 could be bigger than anything we’ve seen yet … even larger than the dot-com boom.

Make sure you tune in, I’ll see you then.

Paul Mampilly


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